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"CURIOSITY is the force within a HUNGRY MIND. TEACHER is the COMPASS that activates it"

What makes children to learn?

According to scholars, 'CURIOSITY' is the joy of exploration,  that drives learning, critical thinking and reasoning. 'CURIOSITY'. The faculty at OLIVEMOUNT is fully trained to recognise and ignite this ability when  the children are seen exploring, devouring books, seeking information, manipulating data, asking questions, investigating concepts and connecting with people and nature.

CURIOSITY has profound influence to motivate learning in areas of life and work. The TEAM at OLIVEMOUNT believes in nurturing CURIOSITY as a life force which will develop abilities like sociability, self-awareness, resilience, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, tolerance, empathy, respect, self-esteem, high personal expectation, resourcefulness and creativity.

S. No Photo Name Qualification Designation Experience subjects
1 Joy Padayatty Joy Padayatty MA, B.Ed Principal 20 Years English
2 Vinatha Srinivas Vinatha Srinivas B Com, PPTTC Teacher 12 PPT
3 Seema Sharma Seema Sharma B A, PPTTC Teacher 9 PPT
4 Neelima Benerje Neelima Benerje B Com, PPTTC Teacher 6 PPT
5 M J Tanuja M J Tanuja B Sc, MA, B Ed Teacher 10 Science
6 Sonali Goswamy Sonali Goswamy BA, B Ed PPTTC Teacher 8 English
7 C Carol Vanitha C Carol Vanitha MA, TPT Teacher 18 Telugu
8 Y Kalyani Y Kalyani M Sc, B Ed Teacher 8 Science
9 M K Sukhada M K Sukhada M A, B Ed Teacher 10 Social Science
10 S Maheshwary S Maheshwary M Com, M P Ed Teacher 5 P.E.T
11 Priya Kannan Priya Kannan M Sc, M Phil, B Ed Teacher 8 Science
12 Rama Sharma Rama Sharma M A, HPT Teacher 22 Hindi
13 V Sathya Latha V Sathya Latha M Sc, MA, B Ed Teacher 17 Science
14 Janet Dass Janet Dass B Sc, B Ed Teacher 6 Mathematics/English
15 D Annapurna D Annapurna MA, B Ed Teacher 14 Telugu
16 Soumya Soumya M Sc, B Ed Teacher 10 Mathematics
17 Shilpa Swamy Shilpa Swamy B Sc, MCA Teacher 6 ICT
18 M Cherry Jacinth M Cherry Jacinth MBA Teacher 6 Music
19 K Nagaraj K Nagaraj B.A Teacher 10 Dance/Yoga
20 Keerti Agarwal Keerti Agarwal B.Com, PPTTC Teacher 2 PPT
21 Nagasirisha Nagasirisha B.COm, B.Ed, MBA Teacher 9 English
22 Ayesha Parveen Ayesha Parveen B.A, PGDECE Teacher 20 PPT
23 U Pallavi U Pallavi B.A, PPTTC Teacher 13 PPT
24 Sylvester Daniel Sylvester Daniel B.F.A, D.A.A Teacher 2 Art & Craft
25 Tharangini Tharangini B.Tech, B. Lisc Librarian 1 Librarian
26 Kauser Anjum Kauser Anjum M.A, B.Ed Teacher 12 English/Social
27 Jayanthi Gopisetty Jayanthi Gopisetty B.Com, B.Ed Teacher 15 Mathematics
28 Kajal Sharma Kajal Sharma B.Ed, M.Ed Teacher 10 Hindi